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Win Pattanaphol

A full-stack developer, high schooler, enjoyer of 60s-80s music, language nerd, an electrician, and a professional terrible-jokes-maker from Thailand 🇹🇭


My main field of work is creating web applications. I specialize in backend development with Node.js and PHP, as well as working with relational databases, such as MySQL / MariaDB.

I also have experience working with server infrastructure. I am currently administering the IT infrastructure (servers, networking, firewalls) at my father's company as well as running my own server setup, also known as a homelab.

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Sarasas Witaed Minburi School

Pre-Kindergarden - 4th Grade
Sarasas Witaed Romklao International Programme

4th Grade - 6th Grade
Homeschooling with Wolsey Hall Oxford, England

7th Grade - 9th Grade
Rugby School Thailand

9th Grade - Present (10th Grade)


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Win Pattanaphol

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