Hi! I'm Win

A hobbyist programmer and electrician, nerd and... part-time Spider-Man?

About Me

Who am I?

Hi! My name's Win aka Win's Dominoes, I'm a 15 year old kid from Thailand. Computers in general has been a big thing for me since I was 11. And since then, I've discovered and learned a lot of programming languages over the years.

What can I do?

I code mostly in JavaScript and PHP, mostly due to my projects being related to web development. I can do both frontend development, which involves CSS frameworks such as Bootstrap, and backend development, which involves node.js and PHP.

What am I doing now?

I am currently getting into hardware programming and electronics. I've always been interested in creating IoT devices and physical objects that I can use for my daily life. Making a sandwich by pressing a button on a phone? HELL YES! I'm starting this by learning some C programming basics, followed by some Arduino and Raspberry Pi and eventually designing my own PCB board!


I've made a lot of things over the years, so here are some of my notable ones.


A PHP video sharing platform like YouTube, has been re-written 4 times, my first ever real coding project.
An API for pttor's oil prices in Thailand, code based on moom0o's gasbuddy-api
Upload 360° photos to Google Maps without using Google's app - A replacement to Google Street View by me and moom0o
A very basic and minimal web-app multiplication game written in JavaScript, made for my little brother. :D

System Administration

My personal homelab hosted in a rural office in Chon Buri, Thailand. Hosts most of my personal projects and the homeplace for my computing journey. Consists of the main server running Debian and an OPNsense D.I.Y router
I help administor the networking infrastructure of my family business - EMPower Engineering Co.,Ltd.

Running instances

A smokeping instance running for checking the server's internet latency to various services around the world.
An open-source Twitter frontend alternative - first ever instance in Thailand!
Internet Archive's Decentralized web-crawling instance.
An open-source privacy focued Reddit frontend alternative - first ever instance in Thailand!
A blog-like website with my personal posts, hosted on a Raspberry Pi 4 and is portable as well!

Electrical Projects

My first ever D.I.Y Wind Turbine. Capable of outputting maximum of 150-200W at 12V DC. Currently out-of-service, in a new development stage.
My first ever real 24V Solar Off-Grid System, powered by five 12V car lead-acid batteries.