Projects & Work

Here are the projects that I have made over the years. I mostly focus on the web development and computer system side of things, however, I have also picked up embedded programming and electronics over the past couple of months as well.

I have also been involved with a couple of STEM events, such as competitive coding competitions and science showcase events.

System Administration

Enterprise Systems

I work as a part-time helper at my family business company, EMPower Engineering Co.,Ltd. I work with designing, operating and maintaining the company's computer infrastructure along with the company's I.T. department.


The server rack below consists of many components. Ranging from network equipment such as: routers and switches to server equipment such as: storage servers and security camera servers.

Main Server RackMain Server Rack
Router CloseupRouter Closeup
MikroTik RouterMikroTik Router


Along with hardware, there must be... Software! These software are used for many purposes, such as server monitoring, file storage and transfer, a DNS server and so on.

File Transfer

This is a touchscreen Raspberry Pi that handles all CNC-related file transfers, designed and installed by me and the I.T. department.

  • Engineers, sitting in the office, connects to the Pi using the SMB (Samba) protocol.
  • Engineers copy the files over to the Raspberry Pi over the network.
  • The CNC machine operators copies the files straight to the CNC machine.

This project has received numerous positive feedbacks from machine operators and are still being used in production to this day.


Raspberry Pis are also used in networking systems such as: internet speed monitoring and as a DNS server.


Seen on the left side of the screen, Pi-Hole is used as the main DNS server, in which, the company's network traffic must go through Pi-Hole before entering the Wide Area Network. This also provides additional DNS protection & control to the already installed firewall.

Grafana Monitoring

The internet-pi set of software, consisting of Grafana and Ansible, provides the I.T. department with additional networking monitoring such as: Connection speeds, latency, HTTP duration and much more.


In addition to business systems, I also have a homelab! My homelab equipment are inter-connected under the WinsCloud ecosystem. This is where I run most of my self-hosting instances of various open-source software such as file storage servers, music streaming services, network monitors, and so on.


My homelab consists of a firewall / router, a multi-purpose server and a Raspberry Pi. The multi-purpose server is used for storage, web servers and a minecraft server.


Operating Systems

I am able to work with Windows Server, Linux and BSD operating systems. All of these operating systems are a part of my homelab as well as my enterprise work systems.


I have experience in configuring and managing network firewalls such as: pfSense / OPNsense & MikroTik's RouterOS


I am able to work with virtualization softwares such as: Proxmox, Docker and VMWare.

Minecraft Server

As a fun side project, I also run a Minecraft Server called ASEAN SMP, a server available to every Minecraft player in the Southeast Asian Region. It is currently running on my homelab with around 2 - 5 players daily. This server also provides the players with a map of the server which gives players more overview of the Minecraft world itself.

Here are some screenshots of the Minecraft Server.


Web Development

Frontend Development

I am fluent in HTML, CSS and JavaScript. I am currently learning React + Next.js as well as TypeScript.

Backend Development

I am able to work with backend frameworks such as node.js, as well as backend programming languages, such as PHP.

Embedded Programming

I am in the process of learning programming languages such as C / C++ as well as Arduino programming.


I am experienced in scripting languages such as: bash - this helps with automation in coding environments as well as managing Linux services / daemons.


I have also been involved with a couple of coding competitions and preparations at my former school, Rugby School Thailand.

First LEGO League

Coding ProcessCoding Process
First LEGO League Robot Test Run
Planning ProcessPlanning Process

VEX Robotics Competition

I participated in the VEX Robot Building Competition, organized by the VEX Robotics Team and Rugby School Thailand's Computer Science department.

I'm at the back!I'm at the back!
I'm in the corner!I'm in the corner!


I participated in Rugby School Thailand's Senior Open Day, where all academic departments get to present their syllabus and curriculum to visitors that are looking into joining the school. I volunteered to come and help the Physics department in presenting and explaining IGCSE and A-Level Physics concepts.

Pendulum DemonstrationPendulum Demonstration
Electrostatic ChargesElectrostatic Charges

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