Let's switch from the mathematical (nerdy) side of things and look at some creativity and arts! In my free time, I like to do graphic design, language learning, music, as well as cosplaying.


I started cosplaying in 2021, specifically Marvel and DC characters. I have been fascinated by the world of superheroes since I was a little kid and getting to be these characters in real life is like a childhood full-filling dream!

I have also participated in many cosplay events, such as: CosNatsu, CosSuki, Thailand Comic Con & Thailand Game Show.

Graphics Design

I make various types of work, ranging from infographics to fashion show logos.

ATTASTE - 5th Generation

I designed the logo for Attaste's 5th fashion show, organized by the students of RMUTT (Rajamangala University of Technology Thanyaburi). The event was held on the 5th of November on the 7th floor of Chatuchak's ตึกแดงวินเทจ

Photos by ATTASTE & FDCI

Language Learning

Languages are very important in my life, as they enable me to communicate with my friends, family, co-workers, in a clear and effective manner. Learning languages have also made me appreciate the ways that languages can be used, whether it is through literature, formal documents or day-to-day media


In learning these languages, I have made a couple of infographics, regarding the etymology of words, the meaning of various sentences and more.

Thai - Sanskrit - Pali

Here are the collection of the Sawasdee posters containing the etymology for each name of the days of the week.

I have also made informational posts about etymologies as well as many pieces of humorous Thai poetry on both Facebook and Instagram.

Want to see more? Check them out in my Facebook Page

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